This brown bear is wandering around Pasadena, California, and he's got local residents a little concerned.

Authorities believe more bears are coming down from the foothills around L.A. due to the ongoing drought. This one is thought to be a yearling.

Crazy Surveillance Video Proves Bear Is Smarter Than Average ... and Way Hungrier

They had a chance to shoot the bear with a tranquilizer, but they held off. The drug takes a little while to kick in and they were worried they would lose track of him as it got dark.

Adam Housley reported on the bear alert this afternoon on Happening Now.

PETA Reprimands Teen Hunter After She’s Attacked by a Bear

Watch the report above, including footage showing an older couple leaving a residence and not even noticing the bear standing a few feet away!

The woman got in a nearby car, and then the bear pawed at the man's leg, sending him running back into the house, police said.