A Florida family that fought a 20-year property battle and won is still waiting for money they’re owed.

About 20 years ago, Coy Koontz Sr. wanted to develop 3.7 acres of property, but the state told him he would have to give away 37 acres in order to do so. Koontz said he only had 11 additional acres of land and offered that. The government then told him that they wanted him to pay $150,000 to fix up state-owned St. Johns Water River Management District. Koontz refused, and he wasn’t granted a permit to develop his property.

Koontz and his son fought this legal battle for 20 years, and the courts sided with the family. The water district repeatedly appealed the decisions, and the case made its way to the Supreme Court.

Despite a landmark Supreme Court victory in June, the family is still owed more than $327,000, Coy Koontz Jr. says.

Koontz Sr. died in 2000 before he could see the victory.

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