A hidden camera video has surfaced that shows alleged supporters of Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis mocking and laughing at her disabled challenger, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott. Abbott is in a wheelchair.

In the video, the alleged Davis supporters can be heard at a Battleground Texas meeting saying, "He doesn't speak very well... he doesn't have a good personality. And he's in a wheelchair." The audience cackles with laughter at the jab.

Megyn Kelly went one-on-one with Greg Abbott to get his reaction. "Denigrating the disabled is unworthy of Texas," Abbott told Kelly. 

The Davis camp has denied the veracity of the video, calling it a "hit job" and "clearly edited." But filmmaker James O'Keefe says the comments were presented fully in context.

This is just the latest controversy surrounding Davis, who has recently come under fire for misleading statements about her past. Davis has accused Abbott of having something to do with the attacks on her life story.

Abbott denied the accusations when asked point-blank by Megyn Kelly. "All of these are just distractions," Abbott said. 

See the full interview above.