The Five co-host Greg Gutfeld today remarked on “mop top moron” Justin Bieber’s arrest.

Bieber was arrested early this morning in Miami, Fla. He was charged with drag racing and driving under the influence of alcohol, pot and pills.

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Gutfeld said Bieber is a function of free time and money with a temporary entourage.

“The real culprit: the mindset of the teenage girl, the pubescent poltergeist that suspends critical thinking, replacing it with mindless euphoria, driven by hormones and a desire for acceptance… but enough about Obama,” Gutfeld quipped.

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“True, his poll numbers have a Bieber-esque quality, adored by people who pay more attention to dimples than direction,” he continued. “It’s a direction we can predict for, like Bieber, Obama has no friendly speed bumps, no trusted critical eye to stop the decline with helpful advice – they’re too scared to hurt the pinup’s feelings.”

Hear Gutfeld’s full monologue above.