Texas Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott joins Megyn tonight in a Kelly File exclusive.

This will be Abbott's first television interview since questions surfaced about the background of his political rival Wendy Davis.

WATCH: Ann Coulter's Scathing Critique of Wendy Davis' Questionable Bio

The media has been questioning some of the details in Davis' life story, including how long she lived in a trailer, her age when she first divorced, and how she paid for college.

Davis then fired back, suggesting that her opponent, Abbott, "hasn't walked a day in my shoes."

That statement drew a harsh response, since Abbott is confined to a wheelchair.

Now, will big time Democrats be running in the opposite direction?

Watch the video above to see Megyn's report last night on the growing controversy, and don't miss "The Kelly File" tonight at 9p/12a ET!