A cheerleader for the Oakland Raiders is suing the team, claiming that the women on the squad are only paid $125 per home game, which amounts to $1,250 per year.

Lacey T., 27, says the paycheck doesn’t cover rehearsals, public appearances or even travel costs. She says when all of that is factored in, her pay amounts to less than $5 per hour.

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The suit claims that Raiderettes are fined $10 or more for offenses like bringing the wrong pom-poms to practice.  It also alleges that the women are required to take part in two or three practices per week plus 10 charity events without pay.

“You have an $8 billion enterprise, the National Football League, and you have a league where they have become expert in exploiting these women in the commercial sense," Geraldo Rivera said today on The Real Story. They go to corporate functions, they represent the team in municipal functions, they are often the goodwill ambassadors for the team, they are the face of the team in many, many ways in terms of marketing."

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Rivera said it’s interesting that this has never been brought up before the suit and that the cheerleaders absolutely have a case.

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