Ann Coulter stopped by the Fox and Friends couch this morning to give us her take on the questions surrounding the biography of Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis.

The Democratic State Senator made national headlines last year for holding a nearly 12-hour-long filibuster over new abortion restrictions.

Texas GOP 'Bullying Women' With Late-Term Abortion Ban!?

A piece in the Dallas Morning News on Sunday took issue with Davis' life story, suggesting she may have exaggerated some of the details - including how long she lived as a single mother in a mobile home.

"The big lie is how she struggled up from single motherhood and living in a trailer to Harvard law school. No, she married a sugar daddy. He raised her kids while she went to law school at Harvard. ... He pays her tuition and as soon as the last tuition payment is paid, he said, 'ironically she left the next day,'" said Coulter.

Watch the full interview above, including Coulter's response to some confusion about her supposed criticism of Fox and Friends.