Lions, monkeys and foxes – oh my!

The hosts of Fox and Friends spent some time this morning with Conner, a domesticated Siberian fox, Rory, a 14-month-old lion cub, a 24-year-old monkey named Wilson, and Congo the ape.

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All of the animals live at the Staples Safari Zoo.

“Our primary objective is to get kids excited about our natural world, and we use rescued animals to do that job,” Staples Safari Zoo founder Brian Staples said.

Watch the video above to learn more about the animals, and check out these amazing photos from the set below!

Meet Conner, a domesticated Siberian fox.

Conner and Elisabeth share a moment.

Rory, a 14-month-old lion cub, visits the Fox and Friends set.

Rory steals Brian's script!

This is Congo, a Celebes ape.

Rory and Congo get along very well, Staples says.

Wilson, a 24-year-old monkey, feels pretty comfortable with Steve and the other hosts.

Wilson has lots of writing to do.

 ... and he enjoys juice boxes.

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