The Kelly File shared a sneak peek of the new documentary, “Mitt,” which takes an up close and personal look at the Romney family’s presidential campaigns. 

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Megyn Kelly spoke to filmmaker Greg Whitely, who followed Mitt Romney for the past seven years through two presidential bids.

Whitely became interested in the Romney family’s story when he read an article about the Massachusetts governor gathering with his family to discuss whether or not he was going to run for president. “That sounded like the beginning of a really great movie.”

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He described the immensity and trueness of Romney being a family man. The filmmaker acknowledged that there were some awkward moments, even ones that made Romney feel uncomfortable when he screened the movie.

Revealed in the footage is a discussion from election night between the Romney family over whether they should call Karl Rove and tell him to stand down on the challenge about whether Fox News Channel called Ohio too soon.

Whitely recalled being unaware of what Rove was saying. Describing the night, he said, “When it becomes obvious that they were losing, it becomes just excruciating to hang on and wait for surrogates like Karl Rove.”

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