Bill O’Reilly responded to former NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw saying in a recent interview, “O’Reilly would finish dead last if he were on the evening news.”

Tonight on The Factor, O’Reilly agreed with Brokaw that network nightly news programs have a larger audience than cable news. “How could it not? The three broadcast networks are on all television sets in America with low dial positions. Fox News Channel you have to pay for," not to mention the fact that The Factor faces tough primetime competition.

Brokaw declined an invitation to appear on the show tonight. O’Reilly said that he has never been a guest because “he knows that we know he has an agenda, and that agenda is power.”

Nightly news programs generally don’t generate further discussion on the Internet. Additionally, the most powerful network broadcast is “60 Minutes.”

O'Reilly said cable news provides viewers with a voice they would never hear on the networks. “Without cable news, Americans would not be getting vital information. […] They don’t provide much analysis or perspective, and all three networks lean left. Tom Brokaw should be happy, overjoyed, thrilled that cable news and The Factor exist.”

Watch O’Reilly’s Talking Points Memo and Charles Krauthammer’s reaction in the clip above.