Texas is set to execute Mexican citizen Edgar Tamayo Arias, who was convicted of murdering a police officer, but Mexico says it would violate international law.

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Judge Andrew Napolitano says Mexico does not have a say in how the U.S. punishes Mexican citizens, thanks to a recent Supreme Court ruling.

Napolitano says the United States entered into a treaty with Mexico and other countries which says that whenever a citizen of another country is arrested in the U.S. for a felony, the federal government must notify the consulate of the suspect’s home country so that the consulate can provide financial and legal help.

The U.S. did not notify Mexico when the crime happened back in 1994, so now, Napolitano says that Arias’ lawyers claim he should not be executed because the nation didn’t notify Mexico 20 years ago.

There is no law that requires the state of Texas to notify Mexico, Napolitano says.

Watch Napolitano's full analysis of the case above.

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