Dr. Ian Smith was on Fox and Friends this morning to discuss his latest book, Super Shred Diet, followed by Dr. Travis Stork explaining The Doctor's Diet.

Smith's diet (video above) is billed as a way for participants will lose as much as 20 pounds in four weeks. Smith says it’s a good diet for people who are trying to lose weight quickly for vacation or a wedding, dieters who have hit a plateau, and people who want a quick transformation.

Smith says the diet will increase energy and keep you full. He says he has three rules of dieting: It shouldn’t be expensive, it shouldn’t be complicated, and people shouldn’t expect perfection.

Stork, co-host of the morning talk show "The Doctors," explained that ER doctors see more "food-related" illnesses than car accident or gunshot victims. He emphasized that eating certain foods will actually help you lose weight.

His first tip was "break up with sugar," pointing out that people eat an average of 22 teaspoons of added sugar a day. Many times it's contained in things like bread and pasta, which dieters may not normally associate with sugar.

Watch the rest of his tips in the video below: