Sean Hannity is threatening to leave New York after its Democratic governor, Andrew Cuomo, said that “extreme conservatives” have no place in the state.

Tonight on On The Record, Hannity reassured all of those people who work on his Fox News and radio shows that he is not leaving the "United Socialist State of New York" tomorrow. 

LISTEN: New York Gov. Cuomo Says 'Extreme Conservatives' Have No Place in the State

Last night, however, Hannity said he had a serious discussion with his wife about leaving. With a 40 percent tax, New York City tax, nearly 10 percent state tax, not to mention Social Security and FICA, his taxable rate adds up to about 62 percent of every dollar he makes.

“It’s almost like I am facilitating the robbery of hard-earned money that I’m making, and I’m not going to do it anymore,” Hannity said. “As soon as I am able, sometime probably when my son graduates from high school, I’m getting out of here as quick as I can.”

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