Colorado is considering a proposal that would require all engaged couples to take a 10-hour “pre-wedding” class before tying the knot.

Second marriages would require a 20-hour class, and third marriages would require a 30-hour course.

Attorneys Rebecca Rose Woodland and Heather Hansen joined Neil Cavuto on Your World today to discuss the proposal.

“You have a fundamental right in this country to be married, they are protected rights we have, and there aren’t requirements to do so other than getting a license and some basic things,” Woodland said.

Hansen said some states mandate education before residents can get divorced if they have children. “Why shouldn’t they be able to mandate that you have certain types of education before you can get married?” she asked.

“I’m not saying there aren’t benefits, but do I want the government to tell me what a marriage is?” Woodland asked.

Hear more of the debate by clicking the video above.