An infuriating error on the part of OfficeMax reopened old wounds for an Illinois family when they received a promotional letter that included the words, "daughter killed in car crash" (photo above).

Mike Seay's 17-year-old daughter, Ashley, died in a car accident along with her boyfriend last year.

Seay told Elisabeth Hasselbeck this morning that his wife got very upset when she stumbled across the junk mail.

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They immediately called OfficeMax to alert them to the unthinkable mistake.

Seay says he can only remember buying some paper at the office supply chain and wants to know how and why the company obtained that information about his daughter.

OfficeMax released a statement pinning the responsibility on a third-party provider.

"We are deeply sorry that Mr. Seay and his family received this mailing from us, and we are reaching out to Mr. Seay to convey our sincerest apologies on this unfortunate matter. This mailing is a result of a mailing list rented through a third-party provider. We have reached out to the third-party mailing list provider to research what happened. Based on a preliminary investigation today we believe this to be an inadvertent error; and we are continuing the investigation," said a spokesperson.

Seay said he got a call from OfficeMax executives late last night as the story started to make national headlines.

He said that his wife pressed one of the executives on how the information was obtained, and the woman kept blaming "computer error."

"My wife said, 'well, there had to have been human involvement somewhere,' and after a little bit of talking back and forth, the woman agreed with her that somehow a human had to have put that on the piece of paper before the computer got a hold of it," said Seay.

Watch the full interview below, and let us know what you think.

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