Did Richard Sherman create a ton of Broncos fans with his bizarre outburst?

WATCH: Richard Sherman Regrets Infamous Rant

On Sunday night, the Seattle Seahawks beat the San Francisco 49ers to win the NFC Championship. They’ll go on to face the Denver Broncos in next month’s Super Bowl.

But it was Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman who had everyone talking this morning following his post-game interview with Fox Sports. Sherman went on a rant about the 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree.

He has since apologized for “attacking” Crabtree, but there remains a mixed reaction over his remarks.

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Greta Van Susteren said in her Off the Record commentary, “Richard Sherman reacting as he did after Michael Crabtree refused his handshake and pushed him in the face – now, I’m not defending Crabtree’s bad behavior in doing that. […] But Sherman had a chance to collect himself and think before he made statements on post-game TV. He could have been a strong role model for the NFL and instead, well, he was a jerk.”

Greta added, “I’m not longer an independent. Go Broncos!”

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Earlier on On The Record, Greta spoke to former NFL player Terrell Owens, who knows both Crabtree and Sherman. He said, “Richard Sherman is a very classy guy, he just didn’t have a very class moment.”

Watch the debate below and Greta's Off the Record commentary above.