Check out Judge Jeanine Pirro's Opening Statement on the Benghazi "conspiracy" from last night's 'Justice.'

Justice is about accountability and consequences.

Justice occurs when truth is put to the lie. When the facts, and not the politicians, tell the story. 

Justice should be swift and certain, but in the Obama administration, it is slow and uncertain.

And as we found out this week, the Obama administration puts political lies over American lives.

We have been waiting for Benghazi justice ever since September 11th 2012. And this week, a bi-partisan Senate committee - Democrats joining Republicans - issued a scathing report blaming Hillary Clinton’s State Department for deaths that were preventable, and for the inadequate security provided to her "friend,” Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans.

The report makes clear that in the months before the attack on Benghazi, the intelligence community provided quote, "ample strategic warning that U.S. facilities and personnel were at risk in Benghazi, that militias and terrorist-affiliated groups had both the capacity and intent to strike U.S. interests."

This from the pentagon, AFRICOM, CIA, DIA, Stevens' security detail, Stevens himself, not to mention 20 separate security incidents at the compound in the months before September 11th.

But we already knew this, didn't we?

There was no protest, and everybody knew it.  Except of course the New York Times - who would never let the facts get in the way of shielding the Obama administration!

The truth? The FBI and the CIA admit they knew it from the surveillance cameras, yet two weeks later the  president goes to the United Nations to blame the massacre on that despicable anti-Muslim video.

Folks, I read this report.  The word video is mentioned once. That's it, and that's in connection with protests in Cairo, Egypt.  But President Obama and Secretary Clinton take out an ad to apologize to the Arab world for this hateful video. 

And the narrative continues.  Susan Rice is given her marching orders to talk about an anti-Muslim video. Think about it.  They blame an unconnected video, but they had to agree to this narrative.  They knew it was not a spontaneous demonstration.  And yet, the talking points, the speeches, the words whispered in the ears of the families of the dead Americans were all about a despicable video in order to mislead us just weeks before a presidential election. 

Where I come from, that's called a conspiracy. 

When the intelligence committee said the deaths were preventable they were saying the attack was foreseeable, that the deaths did not have to happen, and that they should not have happened.  In doing so, the committee put the responsibility directly in the lap of the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton.

You remember her - the woman who was going to get to the bottom of this by appointing an accountability review board that would never interview her. 

Come on - you remember her - that secretary of State logging all those miles - unable to appear before congressional committees because she was traveling, because she had the flu, because she fell, and because she had a concussion. 

And when she finally does show up, she says she never saw the cable sent to her, personally signed by the ambassador, foreshadowing not only how they would die, but the very groups that would kill them.

And then, Madame Secretary, you show up four months later - after everyone else has given their version - so that all your ducks in a row.  And your efforts that night?

On the phone with Tunisia?  What did I miss?  Who died in Tunisia?

But then again, you like phones, don't you...

As the secretary of State, your job was to protect the people in your charge.

You are responsible for their safety and wellbeing.  You knew they were receiving danger pay.  You knew how dangerous this part of the world was. 

Hell! When you went to Benghazi, you had the Defense Department preposition assets off the Libyan coast in case you needed rescue.

You understood the danger to yourself, but ignored it when it came to others.  

That's called negligence. 

You failed to perceive a substantial and unjustifiable risk.  That the danger of death existed to the people in your charge.  Your conduct was a gross deviation from the standard of care that any reasonable secretary of state would observe. 

You disregarded the grave risk to the lives of Americans. 

You knew it - that's why you didn't go on the Sunday shows.

You knew it - which is why you waited until everyone else had spoken - so you could get your ducks in a row.

You knew it - because of the cables from your friend and the deteriorating security situation in Benghazi.

You knew it - which is why you appointed your friends to an accountability review board.  Which friends never even called you to testify. 

You knew it - which is why no one was fired in your department. 

You knew it - because the only one who has suffered consequences is the whistleblower, who went against your dictates.

So which is it?

If you didn't know, you were incompetent.

And if you did know, you were guilty of criminal negligence.

People are so afraid of you, that your name is not even mentioned in the review by the Senate committee.  And yet you say that you take responsibility.

But how do you take responsibility when there are no consequences to anyone in your department.

Like Susan Rice, everyone in on the conspiracy was promoted.  But what happened in Benghazi was clearly foreseeable. 

You had a duty and responsibility. They relied on you.

You breached not only that duty, but the public trust that we have in our government.

I am a prosecutor.  I have spent my career in the assignment of blame.

And I know you won't be prosecuted for this.  And your boss won't be impeached.

But remember this: justice is about accountability and consequences.  The facts have now been told.

The consequences have yet to be determined.  In the meantime, we continue to wait for justice.