A 911 dispatcher will keep her job after hanging up on a caller who came home to find his mother was dead.

During the call, the dispatcher asked the man if his mother was breathing. The man, who was hysterical at the sight of his mom’s lifeless body, yelled back, “No, she’s purple.”

The dispatcher responded, “You don’t have to holler at me, I didn’t do it.”

That prompted the man to curse at the dispatcher, and in turn, she hung up the phone.

Thankfully, another dispatcher was on the line and finished the call.

The operator will face a disciplinary action. According to FoxNews.com:

Las Vegas Fire and Rescue Chief Willie McDonald now tells 8 News Now the fire dispatcher – who never was named - has been hit with an unspecified punishment ranging from a verbal warning to dismissal from her post.

"I guess I couldn't say this will never happen again, but we clearly have taken the steps in this case to make sure the employee is really clear on what should have happened, and there might be some retraining that might be necessary," McDonald told the T.V. station in the aftermath of the incident.