The new reality TV show, “Friday Night Tykes,” takes us inside the world of Texas youth football. The show, which airs on Esquire Network, is receiving backlash for the tough manner in which the kids are coached.

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All of the kids on the team are under the age of 10. The clip above shows one coach yelling at a player, “I don’t care how much pain you’re in. You don’t quit!”

Former NFL player Randal Hill told Fox and Friends Weekend that he “definitely disagrees” with the way the players are berated. “You want to instill some discipline, but I think those coaches definitely went over the line.”

Hill is part of a program at the University of Miami that trains coaches on how to teach youth and high school football. He stressed the importance of parents getting involved in their kids coaching.

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He said what’s portrayed in the show happens across the country. “Believe it or not, there’s a lot of gambling involved with little league football all the way up to the high school level. So there’s a lot of pressure there.

Esquire Network responded to the controversy in a statement: “We believe ‘Friday Night Tykes’ brings up important and serious questions about parenting and safety in youth sports, and we encourage Americans to watch, debate and discuss these issues.”

“I think it’s about the almighty dollar,” Hill reacted. “I don’t think that [the coaches] are really serving these kids well by yelling at them, by treating them that way.”

What do YOU think about the show?

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