After a night of drinking on a cruise ship, a woman fell seven stories overboard and was forced to float for nearly two hours before being rescued.

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Now the woman is suing Carnival, claiming the bartender encouraged her to get drunk and the cruise delayed rescuing her. The ship was diverted to Key West, but the woman claims she should have been airlifted to Miami.

This morning on Fox and Friends Weekend, Defense attorney Jonna Spilbor and Fox News legal analyst Arthur Aidala debated the case.

Spilbor argued that it’s analogous to a bartender on land being liable for serving a visibly drunk person too much to drink. She said the cruise line should have a person watching out for drunken people.

Aidala responded, “So there’s no more personal responsibility, folks. You go out, get bombed, dive overboard, and it’s the ship’s fault. Way to go, America.”

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