An American journalist spoke to Jenna Lee this afternoon from London after he was denied a visa to resume his work in Russia. David Satter is the first American journalist to be expelled from Russia since the Cold War.

Satter has been working as an adviser to Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty, both funded in part by the U.S. government. He has written three books on Russia and the Soviet Union and has often criticized Vladimir Putin.

Satter has routinely traveled back and forth to Moscow over the last 40 years, but this time he was told his presence in Russia was "undesirable."

Lee asked why Satter believes he's being rejected now, just weeks before the Winter Olympics get underway in Sochi. He explained that he's had issues in the past getting into the country, but believes that this situation is simply an attempt to silence a critic.

"It is obviously an attempt by the Russian authorities to suppress anyone who they think inside of Russia or outside of Russia may be a threat to their power," said Satter, who also expressed worries about a hostage-taking or other terror attack on the Games.

Lee then asked Satter what his message would be to Putin. Hear his response in the video above.