An 11-year-old guitar prodigy from Nebraska stopped by Fox and Friends this morning to do some live shredding in the studio.

The world found about Aidan Fisher's amazing talents after he was invited up on stage at a Steel Panther concert in Kansas City.

The band's guitarist, Satchel, actually met Fisher and his dad at a hotel before the show. Fisher had already planned to go to the concert with a sign challenging Satchel to an on-stage solo duel.

What the kid did next amazed the band and the crowd as Fisher did a pretty spot-on Eddie Van Halen impression, playing the legendary "Eruption."

"It was awesome," Fisher told Elisabeth this morning, saying he was nervous when he got up on stage.

"I thought, 'that's a lot of people,'" said Fisher, who's only been playing guitar for a few years.

Check out his in-studio performance above, and watch the original performance below, which has now been viewed more than 2.5 million times.