New reports reveal that the White House may have misled the public on ObamaCare enrollment numbers.

On Jan. 2, White House Deputy Senior Advisor David Simas said there were “more than 2.1 million who’ve enrolled in private plans … and 3.9 million Americans who learned that they are eligible for coverage through Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program … because of the Affordable Care Act, you are looking at this insurance pickup.”

Megyn Kelly called the information “grossly misleading.” She cited Real Clear Politics’ senior elections analyst Sean Trende, who crunched the numbers and determined that only 380,000 new Medicaid enrollees are due to ObamaCare.

The administration is taking credit for people who were renewing their preexisting Medicaid plans, Kelly said.

Thursday, the Washington Post’s nonpartisan fact-checker Glenn Kessler gave the administration’s claim three “Pinocchios.” The headline of his article reads: “Warning: Ignore claims that 3.9 million people signed up for Medicaid because of ObamaCare.”

Fox News digital politics editor Chris Stirewalt was on The Kelly File to discuss the new revelations.

Watch the video above for more.

Kelly was on America's Newsroom this morning to discuss enrollment numbers. Watch the video below to hear what she had to say.