How has former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner been doing in the nearly three years since Megyn Kelly last interviewed him? 

"We're doing okay," Weiner said, "I am well."

When asked whether he thought the public was forgiving of the sexting scandals the former congressman found himself embroiled in, Weiner said, "People are decent. They don't want bad things to happen to their neighbors, they don't want bad things to happen to you. And they're very kind to me and my wife."

While Weiner may feel forgiven by most Americans, polls suggest that ObamaCare is still drawing their ire.

Megyn Kelly pressed Weiner on whether or not the American people had been misled by the president on the Affordable Care Act, and what Politifact called the "Lie of the Year" in 2013 — when Obama said "If you like your health care plan, you can keep it." 

Weiner fired back, saying, "The fundamentals of what the president was saying is right. In that the idea is that they made a decision to not go with the single-payer health care system like I wanted and went with an employer-based plan. In the past, present and some degree the future people can still lose their health care plans."

As Weiner talked around the issue, Megyn Kelly pointed out that the former congressman wasn't answering her questions. He shot back, "You're not being polite!"

"Some things don't change at all," she said.

Tune in Monday, January 20th as Kelly takes Weiner to task for lying to the public. Don't miss the robust part two of the interview, Monday on The Kelly File at 9p/ 12a ET!