On Real Story this afternoon, a veteran who lost his arm in the Iraq War shared a touching encounter with an Iraqi cab driver in Texas, which he also recounted on his Twitter feed.

J.R. Salzman said he was on a business trip in Dallas when his cab driver asked him how he lost his arm. Salzman, who lost his arm in a 2006 attack in Baghdad, told the story and the driver got very quiet.

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Salzman then asked the driver where he was from. “He kind of choked out the words, ‘I’m a Kurd,’” Salzman said. 

Salzman said that the man then told him how many Iraqis are grateful that Saddam Hussein is gone, explaining that his siblings and cousins had been killed by Saddam's regime.

The driver told Salzman how grateful he was for his service in Iraq and insisted that he pay for the veteran's fare. He also offered to pay for his hotel room, but Salzman refused to accept the offer.

On Twitter, Salzman identified the man, seemingly anticipating that some people would not believe him.

Watch the video above to hear Salzman's full interview with Gretchen Carlson.

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