Former Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) made some strong statements yesterday before the House Homeland Security Committee. Lieberman, former chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee and strong backer of the war on terror, slammed the Obama administration for seemingly abandoning the threat of military action.

Lieberman called out those who argue that the threat of terrorism is "receding," saying he doesn't "see a credible or coherent U.S. strategy" to deal with al Qaeda's resurgence in Iraq, Libya and Syria.

Rep. Peter King (R-NY), a member of the committee, discussed the hearing this morning with Bill Hemmer. He argued that too many Americans are ignoring the fact that al Qaeda is "on the move" again, instead trying to pretend it is not happening.

He observed that the Obama administration is using a "whack-a-mole" strategy to go after terrorists.

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Meanwhile, Lieberman stopped by Happening Now this morning to discuss the terror threat with Jon Scott. He gave the Obama administration credit for degrading al Qaeda's capabilities in Pakistan, but said in other areas the terror network is "stronger" than they were on 9/11.

Lieberman recalled that President Obama won the election based on his promise to get out of Iraq and avoid getting involved in foreign wars.

"The fact is the world reality doesn't always conform to a presidential narrative. I think the president has got to - and this is really my appeal to him - take a fresh look at this because the policies he's following are not working," said Lieberman.

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