A Colorado woman is claiming that she was sexually assaulted during an airport search.

Jamelyn Steenhoek, 39, was escorting her teen daughter to the gate at Denver International Airport when she was stopped at security because an alarm went off. She had her hand swabbed for explosives and was told that she tested positive. She told the agent it was likely from pumping gas earlier.

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Steenhoek was taken to a separate room and patted down for a second and third time. She likened the search of her breasts to a physician’s exam. Steenhoek said she repeatedly protested, but the agents simply continued to pat her down.

Now, Steenhoek is pushing police to file charges. She said her goal is to find out if her experience was standard operating procedure.

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“I understand the importance of airport security, but I want for there to be some regulations, I want for people to know what their rights are, I want changes to be made in the policies that they either are or aren’t using, I want them to hire people who can handle the power," she said.

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