Lone Survivor writer, executive producer and director Peter Berg joined Fox and Friends this morning to respond to criticism of the film.

Amy Nicholson, of LA Weekly, wrote in her critique of the film, “As the film portrays them, their attitudes to the incredibly complex War on Terror … were simple: Brown people bad, American people good.”

“I’m not sure what film she saw,” Berg said of her remarks. He said that Afghans defended “Lone Survivor” Marcus Luttrell with their lives and that it’s a big part of the film.

Berg went on to say that he is proud of the work done on the film and that he’s proud of Luttrell for preserving the story.

“These men went to that country for us, they went for our country, they would have gone for a Democratic president, they would have gone for a Republican president,” Berg said.

“I believe it really is our responsibility as citizens of this country to at least acknowledge what these men and women are doing, to acknowledge the fact that there are bad people out there and there is a great need for people like Matt Axelson, like Marcus Luttrell, like Danny Dietz and Michael Murphy. Men and women that are willing to put themselves between us — so that we can live our lives — and legitimate evil.”

Watch the video above for his full interview.