Fox News correspondent Adam Housley is speaking out after his wife, actress Tamera Mowry, revealed she has been repeatedly attacked online over their interracial marriage.

Celebrities and public figures are the biggest targets to these anonymous Internet trolls. In an interview on the OWN network, Mowry-Housley broke down while recalling the hurtful comments directed at her family.

Tonight on The O’Reilly Factor, Housley said, “I think [the Internet] allows them to stay anonymous, and to do things and say things that are completely inappropriate, hurtful and beyond comprehension.”

Bill O’Reilly, who is attacked online daily, said he chooses not to read the vile comments. Housley agreed, but noted that people have direct access to them on social media. The worst part about it is that one day their child will see those defamatory remarks. “It’s frustrating when you pull up a picture of your son, and the first thing you see below the picture is 'white man’s whore.'”

The problem, O’Reilly pointed out, that in a society that values free speech, obscenities are allowed.

Housley said the solution to this unruly trend is by exposing the hatred. “The only way to get rid of it is to point it out.”