President Obama is reportedly getting ready to propose some new restraints on the NSA in the face of growing opposition to the government's massive surveillance programs.

Obama is expected to unveil new guidelines on Friday, attempting to walk a fine line between outraged world leaders and concerned civil liberties groups, with national security officials on the opposite side.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) spoke with Bill Hemmer this morning, saying bluntly that "you can't expect the fox to guard the hen house." He believes Congress needs to get involved and have more oversight of what the NSA is doing.

He questioned how effective the massive collection of cell phone metadata really is when it comes to catching a terrorist.

"Think about it. All those phone records we collect for five years. Do you think there's a terrorist anywhere in the world using the same phone twice? You think there's a terrorist that has the same phone that they were using five years ago? I don't think there's one terrorist that's been stopped by any of this data. It's extraordinarily expensive and it's extraordinarily intrusive to American lives," said Paul.

Watch the full discussion above and tell us what you think: will the president rein in the NSA in a meaningful way?