On Fox and Friends this morning, the mother of fallen Navy SEAL Matthew G. Axelson weighed in on Lone Survivor, the portrayal of her son, and some criticism of the film from the political left.

The film tells the story of a fierce firefight in 2005 in Afghanistan that left three Navy SEALs dead, including Axelson, who would later receive the Navy Cross.

Axelson was played in the wildly popular film by actor Ben Foster, who received high praise from Donna Axelson.

"He did an amazing job of bringing Matthew to the screen. And after I saw the rough cut in May, I texted Ben and I said, 'Thank you for bringing my son back to me for a few hours," said a tearful Axelson. 

Later in the interview, Steve Doocy asked for her opinion on some criticism of the movie, with some on the left characterizing it as "war propaganda." 

"Hogwash. Marcus [Luttrell] has been very careful about not bringing politics into this at all. This is just a story about what our military men do. Because as an all-volunteer military, these are men and women who want to do this, who believe in America and want to protect us from additional 9/11 kinds of attacks. It has nothing to do with politics. It has to do with the courage and bravery of our military men and women," she said.

Watch the full interview, and check out much more on Lone Survivor.

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