The Tea Party is furious over the FBI’s decision not to file charges against the Internal Revenue Service for targeting of conservative groups.

The FBI says the IRS is incompetent, but not criminal. Tonight on On The Record, Tea Party Patriots co-founder Jenny Beth Martin called it “outrageous.”

She told Greta Van Susteren, "We know for certain that the IRS released donor information of at least one group. We know that the IRS lied before Congress – under oath that they would not lie – they lied before Congress, which is a felony, saying there was no targeting when one hundred percent of Tea Party groups were targeted.”

Martin speculated that there may be a cover-up. “Our conclusions are that the administration, or people within the administration, are allowing this to be swept under the rug instead of investigating it thoroughly. They wanted to silence us and they have done what they can to silence us. We’re not going away, but they’ve done everything they can to make it difficult for us if not impossible at times to exercise our First Amendment rights.”