An update this morning on a story that Fox News legal analyst Peter Johnson Jr. brought to you yesterday, in which he detailed a new red tape proposal by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Even as the backlog of unpaid claims reaches 685,000, the administration wants veterans - some of whom are homeless or have suffered severe injuries - to be required to submit their disability claim electronically using a new standardized form.

Veterans groups quickly lashed out, arguing this will make it even harder for veterans to receive the full amount they are entitled to.

The current system allows a vet to file his or her original claim in an informal way, while then gathering the necessary medical records and other documents. The benefits, if approved, would then date back to when the informal claim was made.

Johnson argues that the new proposal is illegal and unconstitutional, pointing out a recent ruling that states that the benefit of the doubt on disability claims must go to the veteran.

He questioned how this proposed change would benefit disabled veterans, especially those with severe injuries, substance abuse problems or a lack of computer or internet access.

Johnson called on people to speak out against this new proposal, saying President Obama can cancel the proposed change "tomorrow."

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