Tonight in his Talking Points Memo, Bill O’Reilly outlined what Americans must know about their government.

The new ObamaCare numbers show that younger people aren’t buying into the program. That means there will be a “huge” deficit in the mandatory health care law. About $48 billion dollars will be spent on ObamaCare in 2014.

Why should you care? “The main danger facing all Americans is not Al Qaeda, it’s the Treasury Department.” O’Reilly said.

The federal debt is currently $17.3 trillion dollars. Since President Obama took office five years ago, the debt has increased about 63 percent.

The massive problem is not being addressed in Congress, O'Reilly said. The Factor host forewarned, “It’s very possible the U.S. dollar could collapse if the people who are lending our government money, China, et al., begin to pull out of the bond market and other U.S. investments – Armageddon.

O’Reilly believes President Obama and the Democratic Party do not seem concerned about the national debt.

Check out the Talking Points Memo above. Then watch the heated segment between Juan Williams and O'Reilly below!