Twenty years after the landmark "coffee-is-too-hot" lawsuit against McDonald's, the fast food chain is facing similar legal battles.

A customer, Paulette Carr, is suing the company after she spilled hot coffee on herself at a Van Nuys, California drive thru.

The incident occurred in January 2012, with Carr claiming that the plastic lid was negligently placed on the cup.

“The lid for the hot coffee was negligently, carelessly and improperly placed on the coffee cup … in such a way so that it did not stay on the coffee cup resulting in the lid coming off the top of the coffee at the window causing the hot coffee to spill onto the plaintiff," read the lawsuit filing.

It's unclear how much money Carr is seeking or how severe her injuries were.

A second case in Fresno, involving another elderly woman, is also heading to court after settlement negotiations failed. Joan Fino says she suffered second-degree burns to her groin area after getting coffee at a drive thru.

The original McDonald's lawsuit was brought by 79-year-old Stella Liebeck, who suffered third-degree burns from hot coffee in 1992 in Albuquerque. She eventually settled with McDonald's a few years later for an undisclosed sum during the appeals process. A jury initially awarded her close to $3 million.

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