On Fox and Friends this morning, the father of fallen Navy SEAL Lt. Michael Murphy gave us his thoughts on the #1 movie in America, Lone Survivor.

The film tells the story of a fierce firefight in 2005 in Afghanistan that left three Navy SEALs dead, including his son, who would later receive the Medal of Honor.

Murphy knowingly exposed himself to enemy fire in order to get to a location where he could attempt to radio for help.

Daniel Murphy lauded the actors, Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch (who played his son), Emile Hirsch and Ben Foster for being able to truly represent who these men were and how they interacted with each other.

He told Elisabeth Hasselbeck that his son and his team knew why they were there and believed in what they were doing.

"Michael was wearing a patch on his right shoulder [for] the Fire Department of New York, Engine Company 53, Ladder Company 43. Michael and his men knew why they were going to Afghanistan. They knew they were going over there to go after those who planned, plotted and executed 9/11 and they wanted to make sure it wasn't gonna happen again. ... It really depends upon your perspective. What is freedom worth? Michael felt it was worth his life," said Murphy.

Marcus Luttrell, played by Wahlberg, went on to write a book about the battle, which served as the basis for the new movie.

Michael Murphy is the subject of a separate documentary, entitled Murph: The Protector.

Watch the full interview above.

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