Bill O’Reilly and Mary Katharine Ham went head-to-head over the legalization of marijuana and how it affects children.

Is America Going to Pot?

The Factor host commented, “Every sane person understands that intoxication is bad for kids. […] Also, every sane person knows there’s a huge difference between how adults handle drugs and alcohol as opposed to children.”

Polls show that legalizing marijuana is favored by the majority of Americans. O’Reilly noted that’s a dramatic switch from 10 years ago. He blamed the media for glorifying the drug usage. “There’s a big difference between drinking a glass of wine or beer, and ingesting the THC that pot contains.”

“I don’t care what adults do in their own homes,” he said. “Want to smoke pot? Go right ahead. Have a legitimate medical condition that pot relieves? You should be able to get it. But those who illegally sell the drug should be prosecuted because they’re doing harm, as the pot they sell sometimes gets into the hands of children.”

O’Reilly brought up Ham’s daughter, saying, “If you’re going to advocate the legalization of marijuana, then you’re going to have to answer the questions about children. […] You don’t want that child at age 13 to 17 to be using marijuana. I know you, and I know don’t want that.”

Ham acknowledged that’s true, but O’Reilly continued, “By the time your daughter gets to the teenage years, pot will be like chewing gum, smoking a cigarette. […] That is going to harm the fabric, the motivation.”

Ham countered that she supports the legalization of marijuana for adults, not for children. However, she believes the drug war against marijuana is a waste of billions of dollars.

New Report Shows More and More Teens Are Smoking Marijuana

“You’re pettifogging the issue by taking it out of the children realm into the adult realm.” O’Reilly interjected. “You dodge the children issue because you can’t justify it.”

Ham shot back, “I just freaking answered it for you!”

She asked O’Reilly if he would like to also prohibit alcohol because children sometimes use it. “Do you want to be a lady of temperance?” Ham pressed the Factor host.

“You are part of the problem Mary Katharine, but you will not acknowledge it,” O’Reilly responded, repeating his idea that selling marijuana illegally needs to be criminalized so children get the message that it’s not a good substance.

Watch the fiery exchange in the clip above!

In O’Reilly’s commentary below, he slams NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for saying he might support medical marijuana being used to help injured players. O’Reilly said it’s a negative thing when kids see pot attached to football.