Fox News has continuously reported on the hundreds of thousands of veterans who continue to wait for the benefits they were promised by the federal government.

Fox News legal analyst Peter Johnson Jr. explained this morning the new red tape that the government wants to put in place, even as the backlog of unpaid claims mounts.

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The Department of Veterans Affairs is proposing that those claiming disability use a new standardized form submitted electronically. They argue that the back-and-forth between officials and veterans is only making the process longer and more inefficient.

Veterans groups have responded harshly, however, saying the current system favors veterans because they can make an informal claim to the VA, then gather medical records and other required information.

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If the claim is approved, the benefits then date back to when the informal claim was made.

Johnson Jr. explained that the new VA proposal would mean that the claim wouldn't start until the veteran completes the standardized form and provides medical records.

But is it a reasonable requirement for a homeless or severely disabled veteran?

"Time and time again we kick our veterans square in the parts that hurt the most," said Johnson, arguing that the VA seems to be blaming veterans now for the historic backlog of unprocessed claims.

"It's absolutely unconscionable. ... This is a huge national story that has an impact on hundreds of thousands of people," he said.

Steve Doocy questioned why anyone would think that a computerized sign-up process would go smoothly after the massive problems with

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