“Lone Survivor” is a true story, based on the best-selling book by former Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell. It’s an amazing tale about an ill-fated Navy SEAL team’s mission in the mountains of Afghanistan.

The movie is such a hit that a Texas movie theater decided to cancel showings of other films in order to accommodate the demand for it.

Kevin McCarthy sat down with actor Mark Wahlberg, who plays Luttrell in the movie. Wahlberg said, “Next to those guys you feel pretty inadequate. I’ve always grown up being an athlete, being a fighter. But the mental toughness that these guys have and what they are able to endure, it takes a very special individual to be able to do what they do.”

On Fox and Friends Weekend, Luttrell shared his story and what it’s like to have a movie based on his experiences. Watch the interview below: