Judge Jeanine Pirro reacted to the swift investigation by the Obama administration into the New Jersey traffic jam scandal. She highlighted the quick action of the administration, compared to other scandals like Benghazi and the IRS. Watch her Opening Statement above and read the full transcript below. 

I hate traffic and I hate traffic jams.

I hate them because they slow me down. Slow is not my speed.

But what I hate even more is the hypocrisy of the Obama administration, especially when it comes to justice.

Slow would be the Obama administration speed.

One year and four months ago, four Americans, including our ambassador, were massacred in Benghazi. Weeks later the FBI shows up to investigate a trampled crime scene. 

I don't know about you, but I still haven't seen anyone prosecuted or even in custody. But President Obama is going to get to the bottom of it. Right...

Eight months ago, we find out the Internal Revenue Service is targeting the president's political opponents in the midst of a close presidential election.  Accountability was supposed to be swift and certain.

I know criminal justice, and I would expect the FBI to be the agency investigating the IRS.  But then, I would be wrong. Take a listen to what Robert Mueller, then-head of the FBI, had to say.

So we have four Americans murdered.  Countless other Americans targeted by the IRS for their political beliefs.  No special prosecutor, no investigation, no one even questioned.

Enter Chris Christie and the George Washington Bridge. Kind of refreshing, isn't it?

A chief executive having at least the balls to get out there, face the music, hold people accountable, fire them, apologize, and take responsibility.  I don't take a position with respect to this so called scandal - which, by the way, has garnered more coverage by the left than Benghazi and the IRS combined.  Time will tell.

But what I do know is that Chris Christie has presented more cases to federal grand juries than your average politician.  My point? There is no way he is going to put himself on the line without being absolutely certain of his noninvolvement.

Here's the shocker - within 24 hours of Chris Christie’s statement, the Obama administration - known for its slow speed -  sics the United States attorney in New Jersey on him by starting a federal criminal probe.

Really?  Benghazi, four dead - nothing.  The IRS violating constitutional rights of Americans.  IRS employees taking the Fifth - nothing! 

And don't tell me that a traffic jam - as annoying as it might be - comes anywhere near the massacre in Benghazi or the IRS scandal.

Mr. President, you're kidding, right? There's a saying that justice is blind, but it must be swift and certain.  You who promised to give us the most transparent administration in history and a level playing field.

Yet your appointee investigates a traffic jam as a federal criminal probe in less than 24 hours?

But it gets worse, folks.  Paul Fishman, the U.S. attorney in New Jersey, trumpets his investigation. 

Now folks, I was the chief law enforcement officer in my county for years.  And I worked with the feds, shared resources with the feds, and was even investigated by the feds.  I know their M.O.  They do not confirm nor deny investigations. Their mantra is that they are so objective and so nonpartisan that they would never implicate someone before an indictment.  I guess the rules are different in the Obama administration, as Mr. Fishman trumpets his investigation of a potential president candidate from the opposing party over a bridge lane closure.

Really? And by the way, Mr. Fishman has a long history of donating to the Democratic Party and in six years, has contributed more than twelve thousand dollars. 

This week, the administration says that they've begun an IRS investigation.  The only problem, the new director of the FBI, James Comey, doesn't even know who the prosecutor is who is running the investigation. 

And her name only surfaced after lawyers for the IRS victims claimed the FBI was dragging its feet -  their clients not even questioned. 

Miraculously, the next day we find out who this mystery person is.  Is it a special prosecutor appointed by the attorney general? No.

Is it someone well known for rising above politics?  No.

But then again, why would Eric Holder appoint a special prosecutor who might look at him for perjuring himself a few times in front on Congress!

So who is it?  

She's contributed more than six thousand dollars to President Obama's campaigns on a $150,000 dollar a year salary.

Barbara Bosserman, an avowed political supporter of Obama.

Now heads up, the Justice Department probe of political targeting in the IRS - which could only implicate the administration!   

When asked about the absurdity of this appointment and her loyalties to the president, Eric Holder's office says, "It would have been inappropriate for us to take her political leanings into account.”

You're kidding right?  You don't think this is a conflict of interest?  That it gives the appearance of impropriety? That it causes the public to lose faith in our system of justice?

But hey, at least there's good news on the Benghazi front.  Just yesterday, our State Department said Al Qaeda was not involved.  Now there's a shock!  First it couldn't be Al Qaeda because they were on the run.  And it couldn't be Al Qaeda because it was the video. And then it couldn't be Al Qaeda because it was a spontaneous demonstration. And a year and four months later, we find out it's not Al Qaeda.

How about you tell me something I don't know?

So here we are, prosecutorial resources directed - not against the killers of Americans or the violators of the Constitution - but instead, against this Democratic administration's political rival.

I have been a life-long prosecutor.  I've spent my careen in the assignment of blame, making those who violate the law responsible and accountable.

I know the role of a prosecutor. It is not a political one.  The role of a prosecutor is to do justice.  He or she may prosecute with vigor and while he may strike hard blows - he is not at liberty to strike foul ones. 

Justice cannot be fueled by partisan presidential politics. Shame on you, Mr. President.