Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R) believes Republicans need to stop the infighting and focus on Democrats they want replaced in the 2014 midterm elections.

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On Saturday night’s Huckabee, Walker said the GOP should go to states like Arkansas, Louisiana and North Carolina where the outcomes will determine the future of the country.

“The real answer is to not go out and attack Republicans who tried to push reform in the House,” he said. “It’s to go out and win the winnable elections in the Senate. Then after that, if a year from now Republicans hold the United States Senate and they hold the United States House, if at that point we can’t get things done, then I think it’s legitimate to hold people in our own party accountable.”

Walker told Mike Huckabee that if Republicans in Wisconsin had been divided, reforms like right-to-work would never have passed. “It’s about truly reforming the federal government, reining in the debt, reining in the deficit problems, more importantly putting the power back in the hands of the American people.”

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