It was a winter storm miracle for one man who was literally frozen to the ground. Tim Rutledge was driving his truck through Indiana when he pulled over at a stop in the below-zero temperatures to check his brakes. He became stuck underneath the truck for hours when it suddenly shifted.

What saved him? His wife, who was over a thousand miles away in Florida. This morning on Fox and Friends Weekend, Tim and Lisa Rutledge shared their miraculous story.

“I was yelling and essentially I was losing my voice. And it was so cold, I was losing my strength from the struggle to set myself free,” Tim said.

Lisa and other family members kept on calling Tim's cell phone, which was set to vibrate. The vibrations eventually moved the phone enough to slip out of his pocket. Thankfully, it fell out in front of Tim, allowing him to pick it up.

He was taken to the emergency room after suffering from hypothermia and having to be cut off the ground. Lisa said the doctor informed them that if another hour had passed, Tim might not have made it out alive.