A Purple Heart recipient has won a huge legal victory after being fired by the United States Postal Service.

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Sergeant Major Richard Erickson was serving overseas in 2000 when he learned that he had been fired for excessive military leave.

A federal appeals court ruled that the Postal Service must reinstate Sgt. Maj. Erickson and give him $2 million dollars in back pay.

This morning on Fox and Friends Weekend, Sgt. Maj. Erickson said he is still embroiled in a legal fight with the Postal Service. Attorney Matt Estes, from the Tully Rinckey firm representing Erickson, said that sadly cases like this one are all too common. “The federal law protects their jobs; it protects them from discrimination. It’s not just a policy of federal agencies, it’s the law. We do see it quite often and more than people know.”

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