Some women experience problems during pregnancy that go beyond morning sickness. Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, author “What Went Wrong,” appeared on A Healthy You to discuss some of those problems and how they can be treated.

He has treated women suffering from eclampsia, which can lead to high blood pressure and seizures. It may be caused by diet, genes or neurological factors. Using pancreatic enzymes and good nutrition, Dr. Gonzalez is able to prevent eclampsia or reverse it.

“In traditional cultures, these kind of problems are very rare,” he said. “It seems to be related more to the industrialized way of eating, which is very nutrient depleted. And that sets the stage for eclampsia, toxemia and preeclampsia. 

In the clip above, hear from Lisa Feldman, a patient of Dr. Gonzalez, who sought his help after two difficult pregnancies.