Don't be too alarmed, but a giant cloud of radioactive particles is hurtling toward Earth. AR 1944 is the biggest solar flare seen on the sun in about 10 years.

Corey Powell, editor-at-large of Discover Magazine, described it as “crackling magnetic activity" this morning on America's Newsroom.

“It’s a storm on the sun,” Powell said. “Storms on the sun are basically driven by magnetism instead of winds like on the Earth.”

This one is still not big enough to make a significant impact on Earth, though it did delay Thursday's launch of a private cargo ship to the International Space Station.

Bill Hemmer recounted that Powell has always said what worries him most is not a tsunami or a polar vortex, but a solar flare.

There have been much larger solar flares in decades past, according to Powell, including ones that would be capable of doing a lot of damage today.

If Earth were faced with another flare of that magnitude, it could cause satellites to shut down or failures within the power grid and lead to billions of dollars in economic losses.