Shepard Smith and “The Five” co-host Greg Gutfeld chatted today about a new list which ranks the most and least stressful jobs.

The list, published by, ranks the least stressful jobs as:

  • 5. Seamstress or tailor
  • 4. Tenured university professor
  • 3. Jeweler
  • 2. Hair stylist
  • 1. Audiologist

The most stressful jobs were listed as follows:

  • 5. Event coordinator
  • 4. Airplane pilot
  • 3. Firefighter
  • 2. Military general
  • 1. Enlisted military personnel

“Most of these [stressful] jobs are also the most admired,” Gutfeld said. “They’re the ones that you want to do. Boys grow up playing ‘cops and robbers,’ they don’t play ‘tenured professor and multimedia artist.’”

Smith said he thinks these studies are just meant to bring attention to the websites that publish them.

“Job stress is good,” Gutfeld said. “If you don’t have job stress, you don’t really have a job.”

Watch the video above to hear more of what they had to say about the list.