A police organization posted a disturbing video of what it describes as “the continuation of the thug cycle.” In the video, a toddler’s uncle and two other adults encourage the three-year-old to say vile things and hold up his middle finger.

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Megyn Kelly described the awful video, saying, “It’s the same as watching them pick him up and beat him physically.”

No charges have been filed against any of the adults in the video, but the child has been placed in protective custody.

Now, the police officers who posted the video are getting pushback for putting it online. The association, which is different from the department, claim they had an obligation to share the video to educate people about the cycle of violence and thuggery that some children find themselves trapped in.

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Michael Skolnik, political director to Russell Simmons, said tonight on The Kelly File that the police have no right to tell people how to raise their children.

Wendy Murphy, from the Victim Advocacy and Research Group, argued that the video was already posted online by the child’s family.

Skolnik shot back against Murphy’s claim that the toddler may grow up to be violent because of the language he is using at three years old. “That is a perpetuation of a horrible stereotype.”

He acknowledged that the child is being abused, but maintained that the police should investigate rather than post the video as an example of bad parenting.

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“They are determined to torment the child, and it’s clear this isn’t the child’s first time on the receiving end of this,” Kelly interjected. She asked the guests where the charges are against the caregivers.

Murphy said social services can and should get involved. Skolnik responded, “It’s just language and unfortunately we have a thing called the First Amendment in this country.”

“But it can get over to the point of abusive language, and we are there,” Kelly said.