senior managing editor Dr. Manny Alvarez and National Action Against Obesity founder Meme Roth joined Alisyn Camerota today on America’s News Headquarters to discuss a new study on exercise among kids.

The study tracked 800 kids aged 12-15 for one year. It found that one in four kids meet the exercise recommendations of an hour or more of moderate to vigorous exercise each day.

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Alvarez said there isn’t enough money in school budgets to give students physical education and said that needs to change.

Roth agreed that exercise must be in schools, but said it’s up to parents to make sure that their children exercise. “If you’re not up to the task of making sure your child’s eating right and exercising, you maybe shouldn’t be a parent in the first place,” she said.

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Alvarez fired back that parents in today’s economy are worrying about having two jobs to pay the bills and that exercise should be the job of schools.

“Middle America is not getting the resources that they need, that’s the whole point,” Alvarez said.

Watch the heated debate above and tell us where you stand on this issue!