On Fox and Friends this morning, Brian and Elisabeth spoke with the mother of the first Navy SEAL to be killed in the Iraq War. President Obama is facing heavy criticism, including from his former Defense Secretary Robert Gates, for his decision to pull all U.S. combat troops out of Iraq in 2011.

The withdrawal left the country vulnerable to al Qaeda and its affiliates, and the cities of Fallujah and Ramadi have been retaken by extremists. Some of the fiercest fighting of the war occurred in those two cities, and now veterans and their families are expressing anger that their sacrifices have not been honored by the Obama administration.

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Marc Alan Lee, 28, was killed in Ramadi in Aug. 2006. His mother, Debbie Lee, called it "disgusting" that American sons and daughters gave their lives in areas of Iraq that are now back under al Qaeda control.

But she said she's not surprised, and expected this would happen when the Obama administration did not leave behind U.S. forces to help maintain stability.

"This is the consequence of those choices that were made," said Lee, who visited Ramadi in 2007 and 2010 and saw the success that U.S. troops had in transforming the city.

"It's disgusting to me that we have a man who sits in the White House, whose title is commander-in-chief. I can't call him a commander-in-chief because he doesn't act that way, he doesn't lead our troops, he doesn't support them. I'm sick and tired of our troops being used as a political pawn," she said.

Watch the full interview above, and stay tuned to Fox News throughout the day for reaction and analysis to Robert Gates' explosive new book.

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