While Dennis Rodman sings happy birthday to North Korean President Kim Jong Un, American Kenneth Bae continues to be imprisoned in the country for over a year.

Rodman has taken heat for saying he won’t discuss Bae’s case during his basketball diplomacy. In a heated CNN interview, Rodman implied that Bae had done something wrong, despite no charges being released.

Bae’s sister, Terri Chung, expressed her dismay over Rodman’s comments. She told Greta Van Susteren, “To have [Rodman] hurl these outrageous accusations at Kenneth is just completely appalling.”  

Chung said her family had a rare phone call from Bae on December 29. It was the first time they had heard from him since May. Bae was sent to a labor camp, but has spent the last few months in a hospital due to his deteriorating health.

She had this message for Rodman about her brother’s situation: “I respect your choice as an individual, and what you do with your own life is your choice. But please don’t play with my brother’s life.”